La première facture de Google pour son centre de données en 1998

À quoi ressemblait la première facture de Google pour son centre de données (Data Center) Exodus à Santa Clara ? Urs Hölzle, vice-président des infrastructures chez Google et l’un des dix premiers employés de l’entreprise, vient tout juste de publier sur son compte Google+ une image de cette fameuse première facture à Google.

Par ailleurs, dans son commentaire sur cette image il relève quelques détails intéressant en plus de la facture :

  • Yep, a megabit cost $1200/month and we had to buy two, an amount we didn’t actually reach until the summer of 1999.  (At the time, 1 Mbps was roughly equivalent to a million queries per day.)
  • You’ll see a second line for bandwidth, that was a special deal for crawl bandwidth.  Larry had convinced the sales person that they should give it to us for « cheap » because it’s all incoming traffic, which didn’t require any extra bandwidth for them because Exodus traffic was primarily outbound.
  • Note the handwritten « 3 20 Amps in DC » change to the standard order form.  At the time, DC space was sold per square foot, and we always tried to get as much power with it as possible because that’s what actually mattered.
  • This particular building was one of the first colocation facilities in Silicon Valley.  Our direct neighbour was eBay, a bit further away was a giant cage housing DEC / Altavista, and our next expansion cage was directly adjacent to Inktomi.  The building has long since been shut down.


Facture Internet Google - 28 septembre 1998

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